Spreading Love

so, here we go.

With no particular image in mind or big plan, I have decided to channel my creativity by creating an online journal. What for? Well, I am naively aiming to inspire others with love. While I won’t tell you that I am some expert on love or even happiness, I can say that I am insanely passionate about bringing comfort/kindness to others. I believe that my purpose is to love. Whether it is through writing songs & singing, listening to music, taking photographs, or spending time with those around me, I am most happy doing these things with a heart full of love. Like the lifestyle I wish to live, my blog will be used to promote other creators as well as my own creativity. I seek to build a home for all those longing for warmth. 

Now, I do not want to show you love in sappy or romantic way–I mean I might, but not primarily. Rather, I feel that love fuels the best parts of our lives. If we have love for our music, the people in our lives, our health, what we eat, our hobbies, our jobs, etc. then I find we are most happy. When I love, I am most happy.

I want to dedicate this blog to learning to love what we have each day. Through an array of content, I hope to show my love for others as well as offer the reader a chance to experience the lovely things this world has to offer. Finally, I want this site to produce love; genuine/imaginative content that spreads from my heart to you and from you to others.

What matters in life is not great deeds, but great love. — Saint Theresa

Photograph credit: Darren Burton https://www.instagram.com/thegoose53/?hl=en


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