Comfort drinks: 🚫 caffeine. 

So in high school I spent four years working as a barista. I absolutely loved that job, and have learned a few things about yummy drinks. One thing I have learned in my time spent as a barista is that coffee is not always the best choice for me to be drinking every day.

 A lot of my strategy to skincare revolves around water. Drinking half of our body weight in ounces of water a day can be the best way to get clear skin and properly detoxify ourselves! In contradiction to my efforts to drink a lot of water, coffee can be a huge source of dehydration in the body if you’re drinking too much and not enough water–makes sense right? Also, sometimes coffee gives me the gitters and makes me too talkative; and believe me, I already talk too much before I drink a cup of pure energy.  But don’t get me wrong! There are some great pros and cons about coffee listed here. Might I add that the pros do outweigh the cons!

Because of my fear of dehydration and gitters,  I tend to shy away from coffee and opt for different drinks instead. I wanted to show you a list of some of my favorite alternatives for anyone else that might not grab a coffee as their first choice! Or even if you love coffee, these drinks are great ways to mix up your morning coffee run 💛 

  1. Iced Chai Latte (try with coconut milk or soy–it’s great!) 
  2. London Fog Latte 
  3. Green Tea Blender
  4. Iced Green tea (or any other of your favorite teas) w/ Agave sweetener 
  5. Honey & Cinnamon steamer

Note: each of these drinks can be served at Starbucks and should be available at almost all coffee shops! There are even some recipes linked that you can make at home. 


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