“In Cold Blood” by Truman Capote: Journalism vs. Non-Fiction Novel


In Cold Blood by Truman Capote: Journalism vs. Non-Fiction Novel 

In Cold Blood written by Truman Capote is noted by The New York Times as the “remarkable, tensely exciting, moving, superbly written, true account,” of the murders that took place in Holcomb, Kansas on November 15th, 1959. This historical, non-fiction journalistic account uniquely captures the true emotion/characterization behind a pair of divergent criminals, a murdered family, and an entire town affected by an instance of crime.

Having written nearly eight thousand pages of research to verify his testimony– according to Colquhoun from Independent Digital News and Media- the author successfully narrates and gives life to all of the characters involved; especially delving into those characters the reader may be apprehensive to explore.

Capote elegantly works his way through the emotions, facts, and story behind the horrific homicide that shook a small-town Kansas community and eventually a whole state and nation.

Truman Capote deploys many strategies in this novel, one being excellent uses of narration including fictional, nonfictional, first person and third person. Each of the narratives allow the reader to develop a personal connection to each character, thus conveying the effects of crime on all those mentioned. He creates more than one opportunity to understand the characters through these multiple points of view. As a result of these perspectives, the reader might be left to wonder how he accomplished such an accurate first hand account.  

This type storytelling was one of the first of its time. According to Mass Media Professor Eric Sandstrom of Colorado Mesa University, “Capote was a literary guy, and he had no loyalty to traditional journalism.” Capote used journalistic tactics to get at the truth behind the story rather than just the facts as they were reported by the police. Professor Sandstrom explained that Capote wanted to capture “the human aspect,” that could only be found through the same research that a journalist would use. The novel created controversy among the journalistic community as it blurred the lines between hard journalism and creative storytelling that was based on a true story. The novel never reported a crime; rather, it painted one.

Truman Capote ultimately wrote In Cold Blood as a non-fictional novel which stemmed from a long journalistic pursuit. He wanted to achieve a work where the author should not appear in the work, ideally, to write without ever appearing himself, and yet, at the same time, create total credibility.

Not only did Capote bring attention to a well deserving story using journalistic techniques, he compelled the reader to view the effects of crime from many perspectives. Through a variety of reporting strategies and narrative choices Capote was able to achieve high levels of sophistication, accuracy, voice, and passion allowing him to uncover a crime through the sincere elucidation of many themes.

Capote urged the reader to transcend away from all stigmas that may be involved and instead explore the idea of what criminality actually is and what it may cause. The effects of crime can be wildly dissimilar among people; Capote’s purpose was to uncover these effects without bias.

In Cold Blood leaves no area grey; the reader is left to entertain the thoughts of crime themselves while the author stays completely invisible. It becomes the reader’s job to allow every point of view as they must become aware of all the persons affected by crime… the novel burrows its way into the unsuspecting mind of the reader, leaving one to acknowledge the emotions and perspectives of all those involved– even the killers themselves.

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Comfort drinks: 🚫 caffeine. 

So in high school I spent four years working as a barista. I absolutely loved that job, and have learned a few things about yummy drinks. One thing I have learned in my time spent as a barista is that coffee is not always the best choice for me to be drinking every day.

 A lot of my strategy to skincare revolves around water. Drinking half of our body weight in ounces of water a day can be the best way to get clear skin and properly detoxify ourselves! In contradiction to my efforts to drink a lot of water, coffee can be a huge source of dehydration in the body if you’re drinking too much and not enough water–makes sense right? Also, sometimes coffee gives me the gitters and makes me too talkative; and believe me, I already talk too much before I drink a cup of pure energy.  But don’t get me wrong! There are some great pros and cons about coffee listed here. Might I add that the pros do outweigh the cons!

Because of my fear of dehydration and gitters,  I tend to shy away from coffee and opt for different drinks instead. I wanted to show you a list of some of my favorite alternatives for anyone else that might not grab a coffee as their first choice! Or even if you love coffee, these drinks are great ways to mix up your morning coffee run 💛 

  1. Iced Chai Latte (try with coconut milk or soy–it’s great!) 
  2. London Fog Latte 
  3. Green Tea Blender
  4. Iced Green tea (or any other of your favorite teas) w/ Agave sweetener 
  5. Honey & Cinnamon steamer

Note: each of these drinks can be served at Starbucks and should be available at almost all coffee shops! There are even some recipes linked that you can make at home. 

Let’s have light & open hearts 

Just a reminder to stay light-hearted about things. I feel my best when I’m not too worried about what people think or say about me.

I used to really struggle with this. I was always concerned with the way others saw me, and I still am to an extent. But I had to stop letting the will of others dictate my own will. Rather than wondering if someone likes you, try looking at yourself and make sure that you like you. I noticed that the more I started to focus on doing what I needed to love myself, the less negative people seemed to hold me down. I wasn’t looking to impress; rather I was looking to be the best version of myself, for myself. I showed kindness yet not concern for the negativity of others.

Don’t let anyone else’s opinion of you start to define how you view yourself. At the end of the day, what matters are the opinions of the ones that we are most close with. We never owe our time and efforts to people that doubt us, dislike us, or weigh us down in general. Dedicate your time to the passions and people that are feeding your soul positively. Show kindness –and nothing else- to those only looking to tear you down. I found that this has not only helped my self-esteem, but it has allowed me to continue to love even those who have hurt me.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. –Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s raining 

Sometimes it feels like things can’t get any worse.

Lately in my life, a combination of bad things continue to keep happening. Around every corner a new problem arises, and it feels like I just cannot catch a break. The more I try to fix my problems, the more I see myself hurdling yet another set of obstacles. The harder I try to take positive actions, the more I see myself driving down the wrong roads…always hitting dead ends.


As I sit here –eating a tub of ice cream- I realize that problems are a lot like rain and hail. There is a pattern to negative thinking & negative actions. For me, the pattern goes like this: negative situations ➡️ negative attitude ➡️ negative actions. Like a storm, these thoughts/problems/situations pour down and begin to quickly clump. They overshadow every inch of life without allowing much room for sun. We need something to shield our heads or melt away the frost..

However, this analogy reminds me that I have many tools that allow for the sun to shine even during rain:

  1. Praying is such an important part of letting light into my life. Going to church or spending time to journal, write, and draw are all outlets that can conquer even the deepest, thickest, and most fridgid storm. My thoughts on rainy days in my life push me to feed my posive energies rather than dwelling on what is wrong.
  2. Family & friends remind me that the storm seems a lot worse when you’re stuck inside. When surrounding myself with those who love me, I find that no negativity can ever be as great as the affirmation and love that genuine people can give me. The light shines through after I spend time with the people I love most.
  3. Moving on is the hardest yet most effective part of rough times for me. If I tend to stay stagnant emotionally or physically when I am feeling down, I have a hard time climbing out of the darkness I find myself in. Moving on towards positive solutions and better choices can be the best way to beat the storm. Staying still is the worst thing we can do. If we continue on the same path, why would the clouds we create ever part?

Finally, I think it’s time for me to open my umbrella and start looking for the sun.. the more I realize that negativity is a storm, the more I see that it will eventually have to clear up; I have a lot of tools to make the best of my hardships and even conquer them…Heck, I might just throw on a rain coat and play in the puddles while I am it.
Lets not allow our storms to define us. Instead let us define ourselves by how we push through the storm and seek out the warm and sunny days ahead 💛

It is only in sorrow that bad weather masters us; in joy we face the storm and defy it – Amelia Barr 

Photograph courteousy of Darren Burton 

Spreading Love

so, here we go.

With no particular image in mind or big plan, I have decided to channel my creativity by creating an online journal. What for? Well, I am naively aiming to inspire others with love. While I won’t tell you that I am some expert on love or even happiness, I can say that I am insanely passionate about bringing comfort/kindness to others. I believe that my purpose is to love. Whether it is through writing songs & singing, listening to music, taking photographs, or spending time with those around me, I am most happy doing these things with a heart full of love. Like the lifestyle I wish to live, my blog will be used to promote other creators as well as my own creativity. I seek to build a home for all those longing for warmth.  Continue reading “Spreading Love”